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  • Does Sexy Music Really Affect Me?;

That booming bass get it is something that only Big Boi can pull off without descending into the depths of corny hell. This should be enough to get you started, before you get a little more sultry and a little less bang-bang with it. Once again, Big Boi, we salute you. This French Montana addition makes a strong case if for nothing else than its inclusion of "up and down," "feel like heaven" and "can't feel your toes" in the lyrics.

's Top 17 Songs to Soundtrack Your Sex Life - PAPER

Bonus points if you play it while getting it on in a bathroom, a hotel room, or both. Beware, "Ponyboy" is not for the fainthearted, this is for some dark, intense, "Red Room"-style sexy time.

Tie your hair up as high as you can or don a wig because ponytail flicking is necessary to set the mood. When you want a change of pace, "Take Care" is something you can really sink your teeth into. Fun and frisky, with just enough bounce to keep everybody's energy levels up. In fact, this track would likely work best with multiple people involved. Note, "Body Smile" should only be listened to while consuming red wine and chocolate-dipped strawberries while peeling off clothes one piece at a time. This is Dirty Dancing-level romance.

435 Sex Songs, A Playlist For Intense Love Making

Also a great song to listen to while watching given it's highly voyeuristic tone, take that as you will. Pure sex, that's what. Have I been bad? Oftentimes, the romance is all in the preparation. Lighting candles, setting the mood — Rascal Flatts know what it takes to get everything just right. The song was the third single from the trio's album Melt and reached No.

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Alison Krauss is sweet and unassuming, but she has an air about her that can easily draw a man in. A sexy ballad gets an extra dose of chemistry when the artists singing it are together in real life. The song reached No. The lighthearted mid-tempo ballad was nominated for a Grammy and hit No. Hill delivers the song with a sense of elegance and passion, making the ballad believable and honest.

Sanjjana in Hot & Intimate Sizzling Bed Room Song - Ganda Hendathi - Nidiregu Raja - Kiss

This song in particular solidified Hill as not only the queen of country, but pop royalty, as well. Turns out Canadians can be sexy, too, Justin Biebz!

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Oh, shitballs, now where have my clothes gone?! Lotsa girl on girl, guy on guy, and everything in between in this video Don't mind us, we're just off for a fap and maybe even a shlick. Urban Dictionary it, douche.

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Joshua Michael Homme, you may be a ginge, but you can make it wit us anytime, anywhere. And invite Dave Grohl over while we are at it?

We are surprised Thom Yorke even gets down, let alone writes songs about it. C'mon, girls, would you screw a squirrel with a lazy eye?!

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If you have a womb, then Swan has just got it preggers. Brb, we need to clean the sheets Ah, a nookie classic.

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